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Angelina Jolie wants partner Brad Pitt to clean up his image.

The actress apparently feels Pitt is starting to let himself go — and his nicknamed him “Billy Goat Gruff” because he is always scruffy and unshaven.

“Brad originally won Angie over with his sharp-dressed appearance and good grooming,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“But four years and six kids into their relationship, Brad has allowed himself to fall victim to middle-aged schlubbiness.

“When Angelina saw pictures of Brad at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in mid-September, she thought he looked hideous.

“His beard is so unkempt now that she can’t even stand kissing him, and she started calling him ‘Billy Goat Gruff’ to shame him into getting rid of it.”

Angleina jas now called on Brad’s favorite designer, Tom Ford, to help with a fashion makeover.

“Angie called Tom personally and handpicked thousands of dollars worth of casual and dress-up clothes for Brad,” added the friend. “She’s desperate to get the old, stylish Brad back.”


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I just added a new photoshoot to the gallery. It’s not extremely new, but it’s new to the site. lol. Enjoy! :)

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It was five years ago that Hurricane Katrina ravaged parts of New Orleans, and ultimately was one of the worst natural disasters to breach the shores of the United States. Almost a million residents were displaced as part of the immediate consequences of the storm.

In spite of, or perhaps because of the slow, inadequate government response to this disaster, volunteers from across the country and around the world stepped up to the plate to provide assistance. While parts of New Orleans sustained relatively little damage and were quickly restored, there are still areas that are almost as uninhabitable as they were shortly after the storm. Thousands of people still have no homes, or are living in conditions that are unsanitary and inadequate, as they continue to wait for help.

Brad Pitt toured New Orleans shortly after the floods, and was so moved by the plight of some of the hundreds of thousands who were displaced that he vowed to do all he could to help rebuild the Lower 9th ward, one of the areas most devastated, and least restored.

While the Army Corps of engineers studied the problems Katrina left behind, and Congress continues to debate who is responsible to pay for the rebuilding, thousands of volunteers, non-profits, and charitable organizations are still assisting with basic needs for the inhabitants, providing food, medical aide, and temporary housing. In addition, they are still on hand to assist with clean up, demolition , and repairing what can be repaired in the lower 9th ward. Habitat for Humanity is working with Southern Baptist churches, and Build Now, another non-profit continues to play an active part in bringing New Orleans families back home.

Brad Pitt founded the Make it Right Foundation shortly after the storm. The objective for the foundation was to be a catalyst for redevelopment of the Lower 9th Ward comprised of safe and healthy homes. The homes were to be high quality that still preserved the spirit of the community’s culture. With Brad Pitts notoriety he was able to attract and establish many partnerships with a coalition of community based non-profit organizations that have assisted in identifying and contacting returning residents of the Lower 9th Ward.

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A sizzling report that Brad Pitt sought the counsel of his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in a secret New York hotel meeting has been denied. A representative for Aniston has quashed the report that she was a go-to girl for her needy ex-husband mired in relationship problems with Angelina Jolie. The alleged rendezvous, at Pitt’s Essex Hotel suite near Central Park, “never happened”, the rep told US Weekly.

The magazine went on to report that Jolie and Pitt are going great guns, and even considering having a seventh child. Pitt and Jolie have said they will not marry while everyone cannot marry, in a reference to the gay marriage movement. Sydney’s Channel Nine Hollywood correspondent said that although the report was of the butler-told-the-nanny variety, it was definitely “solid”.

More denials last week…Musician John Mayer isn’t trying to win his ex Jennifer Aniston back. A recent report in OK! entitled “John Wants Jen Back” talked of a friend of the actress telling the magazine that Mayer, 31, has “been trying to get back into her life… It started with flirty texts and e-mails, then [progressed to] calls.”

Gossipcop.com has found this rumor to be completely untrue. Mayer apparently didn’t beg Aniston, 40, to let him join her on a supposed trip she was heading on by herself to Mexico. A spokesperson for Aniston said the tale is “completely false”.


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Some of us are looking forward to remodeling our bathrooms, others can’t wait to upgrade their laptop, and then there are those who are champing at the bit to get started on building their own personal airstrip in France. Of course we refer to the one and only Super World Travelers, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

According to Private Jet Daily (which is just our favorite daily), Brangelina are sick and tired of paparazzi hounding them from both sides of the airport security check when they fly from commercial airports. Now that they’ve both got their private pilot licenses and plenty of space on their Chateau Miraval estate in France, an airstrip is the next logical step.

This means that not only will Pitt no longer pop in and out of airplane bathrooms—to the delight of fellow passengers with cell phone cameras—but that he and Angelina’s six children will miss out on one of our favorite things: “airport photoshoots.” We guess Rihanna and the similarly numerous brood of Madonna will just have to do.


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Brad Pitt is said to have held a secret meeting with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston during a recent trip to New York.

The pair, who ended their five-year marriage in 2005, apparently met up at a hotel in the city for an hour where Brad unloaded his emotional baggage.

According to reports, the Hollywood star told Aniston about his relationship problems with Angelina Jolie, who he hooked up with after walking out on the Friends actress.

It comes amid reports that Brad and Jennifer are in regular phone contact and their latest encounter marks their second private meeting together in the Big Apple this year, according to Grazia magazine.

A source told the publication that Jennifer agreed to visit Brad in his suite at the Essex House Hotel, next to Central Park.

‘She arrived at his hotel suite a matter of hours after they had spoken. Brad was unloading his emotional baggage on Jen, which isn’t exactly fair considering their history.’

But the source added: ‘She was quick to tell him she wanted no part in his break-up with Angelina.’

At first she was reported to be reluctant to meet with her former husband.

But the magazine alleges Brad got his mother Jane – who is famously still close to Jen – to persuade her to meet with him and give some advice.

It comes amid claims that his four-year relationship with Angelina has hit the rocks.

Brad lives with Jolie at their £35million Chateau Miraval home with their six children, Maddox, seven, Pax, five, Zahara, four, Shiloh, three, and one-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

Aniston was apparently brutally honest with Brad during their exchange, which took place the Friday before last, telling him he was being selfish and had to figure things out on his own.

Later that day Brad flew back to France with son Maddox.

Grazia reported that Angelina is keen to work out their problems, but as far as Brad is concerned it is ‘all but over’.

Some reports suggest he is planning a move to Berlin, away from his family home, where he has friends and can spend time indulging in the city’s architecture.

His reported meet-up with Jen came the day after he attended a political conference with former U.S. president Bill Clinton in New York on September 24.


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One of the best parts of movies is watching actors get prepared for their roles. Whether it’s Christian Bale losing an insane amount of weight or Robert Downey Jr. bulking up or Charlize Theron going ugly (somehow), it’s always fun to see someone of true talent go all out for his or her craft. What’s even better is seeing them in all of their awkwardness at red carpet events (bald Natalie Portman?).

Now Brad Pitt will get to walk around with an odd goatee and prove just how desirable he is by pulling it off. The folks over at CineFOOLS have gotten their hands on the first glimpse of Pitt as Percy Fawcett from The Lost City of Z. The movie is based on the book of the same title and follows Fawcett as his explores undiscovered regions of the Amazon. As far as we know, filming has yet to start on the film, but I guess you have to get started early on growing a sweet goatee like that.


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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It’s pretty hard to look through a celebrity gossip magazine without finding at least one of them. Does it get annoying? At times. But I’ll admit that I’m always curious what these two are up to because there’s just something about them.

That something is rather obvious. They’re two exceptionally good looking people. But it’s more than just that. Their humanitarian efforts are incredibly inspiring. Why the media makes fun of them for adopting children in need throughout the world, I’ll never understand. I find it amazing and wish them well. Unlike most Hollywood celebrities or even some everyday people, they see the bigger picture. They care about what’s going on outside of their own personal lives and have chosen to take a stand to help others throughout the world. That in itself is very attractive.

Do these two deserve the title of Hollywood’s Hottest Couple? Of course! But that’s just my opinion. What do you think?


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Brad Pitt is “too exhausted” to care for another child so he has told partner Angelina Jolie “no more kids.” Sources say the actress wanted to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia but Pitt “put his foot down” and said no.

“During Angie’s visit to an orphanage, she fell in love with this one little girl. It was a done deal as soon as she laid eyes on the 3-year-old,” says a source. “Brad put his foot down. He told Angie no more adoptions right now, that they already have enough kids to raise. He thinks she isn’t being practical.”

Jolie and Pitt are already parents to 6 children – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne.


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