“Model” Citizen Brad Pitt Goes to D.C.

Friday, Mar 6, 2009

Given Brad Pitt’s high-profile activism, it may not have seemed too curious that he and Nancy Pelosi met with each other in Washington, D.C., Thursday, but it no doubt piqued people’s curiosity. After all, it’s not every day you get to see a Hollywood heavyweight mixing it up with the Speaker of the House.

“I just want to say thank you to the Speaker for opening up the doors to let us come in and discuss the current rebuilding effort going on in New Orleans,” Pitt said during a press conference following their meeting on behalf of the actor’s Make It Right project.

But not before the politician could gush over the actor…

Pelosi introduced Pitt to the press as a “real model for the country.”

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star launched his endeavor in 2007 to help create housing for those who lost their homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward during Hurricane Katrina.

“We were listening with great satisfaction,” replied Pelosi, “that not only are these homes built to a green standard, but it’s possible to have a utility bill under $10 a month.”

Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina, who is the head of the Katrina task force, also took part in the meeting and shared his appreciation for the work Pitt has been doing—and the cool cred it’s given him in the eyes of his grandchildren.

“This effort brought the two of us together, Brad Pitt and myself,” said Clyburn. “And I want to thank him very much for his help.”

And as if Pitt pressing the flesh with the powers that be wasn’t enough star wattage for the locals in our nation’s capital, his significant other, Angelina Jolie, could also be seen around town filming her upcoming disguise-filled spy thriller, Salt.

And maybe keeping an eye on her “model” of a man?
Source: E! Online