Nazi-Fightin’ Words: Pitt Slams Cruise’s “Ridiculous” Film

Friday, Aug 21, 2009

Oh yes he did.

Having adequately filled the public in on his and Angie’s rampant randiness, past toking up habits and nonexistent mayoral aspirations, the one-man sound bite machine that is Brad Pitt is now paying lip service to a topic guaranteed to keep him (and his new movie) in the headlines: dissing former costars.

Or rather, one costar in particular.

The unexpected slam came when Pitt was promoting Inglorious Basterds by blessing the German magazine Stern with an interview and the questioner, clearly unversed in the ego-stroking required of such an activity, made the mistake of mentioning the year’s other Nazi-fighting flick, Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie.

“It was a ridiculous movie,” Pitt said.

We’ll give him this: The man knows how to play to his audience.

After the diss, Pitt carried on with his my-Nazi-movie-is-better-than-your-Nazi-movie bravado, telling other filmmakers who may have entertained thoughts about making a World War II-era epic of their own that they may as well wave the white flag now.

“The second World War could still deliver more stories and films, but I believe that Quentin put a cover on that pot,” he said. “With Basterds, everything that can be said to this genre has been said.

“The film destroys every symbol. The work is done, end of story.”

Sort of like the chances for Interview With the Vampire 2.
Source: E! Online