See Brad Pitt Get Goatee For The Lost City of Z

Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009

One of the best parts of movies is watching actors get prepared for their roles. Whether it’s Christian Bale losing an insane amount of weight or Robert Downey Jr. bulking up or Charlize Theron going ugly (somehow), it’s always fun to see someone of true talent go all out for his or her craft. What’s even better is seeing them in all of their awkwardness at red carpet events (bald Natalie Portman?).

Now Brad Pitt will get to walk around with an odd goatee and prove just how desirable he is by pulling it off. The folks over at CineFOOLS have gotten their hands on the first glimpse of Pitt as Percy Fawcett from The Lost City of Z. The movie is based on the book of the same title and follows Fawcett as his explores undiscovered regions of the Amazon. As far as we know, filming has yet to start on the film, but I guess you have to get started early on growing a sweet goatee like that.