Brad ‘Wants Angelina to Put Family Before Career’

Monday, Oct 26, 2009

HOLLYWOOD super-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have come to blows yet again — because he wants the actress to put their family before her career.

Brad is said to be furious that Angelina backtracked on her promise to take some time off to look after the couple’s six kids and has gone back to work.

“She says she wants to put her family first — but when a good role comes along, she forgets all that. Brad thinks she’s being selfish,” a source told In Touch Weekly magazine.

“Angelina is throwing herself into work as a way not to dwell on her crumbling relationship with Brad.

“Pretending to be someone else for 14 hours a day makes her problems feel less real.”

It was recently claimed that Pitt and Jolie are struggling to control Maddox, 8; Pax, 5; Zahara, 4; Shiloh, 3; and 15-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne

“They have dinner around 11 p.m. And it’s a real smorgasbord of snacks — cheese and crackers, chips, grapes and chocolate,” a source said earlier this month.

“They all sleep in Brad and Angie’s bed. And the kids wear whatever they want. Sometimes Zahara falls asleep in her Sleeping Beauty dress, which has permanent chocolate milk stains on it.

“Maddox and Pax are double trouble. They have every sort of toy known to man, including paint guns, which they splatter all over the walls of the house.

“Maddox tends to get special treatment. It was his idea to pierce Vivienne’s ears. After he said he wanted to do it himself with a pin, Angie decided to have it done professionally.

“Brad is starting to get tougher… he does tell them ‘no’ and holds them accountable for their actions. The trouble is they just run to Mom, and she caves. She doesn’t want her kids to have that kind of life… she gives them their freedom because she wants their ‘souls to evolve.’”