Brad Pittt’s inglourious bike crash

Tuesday, Oct 27, 2009

When Brad Pitt dumped his badass new bike in Hollywood traffic on Saturday, it went down not with a bang but a whimper. After all, an accident that occurs when a vehicle is barely moving is bound to be inglourious at best.

TMZ reports that Pitt was trying to negotiate between a car stopped at a light (on his left) and a parked car on his right, when his handlebars clipped the parked car. He lost control of the bike and it skidded out from under him (see video).

He wasn’t injured, nor did he seem upset. Charming as ever, he stood around and shot the breeze with fans while he waited for his bike to be towed, according to a Radar Online report..

The next day he was seen sporting a new Camaro. (His dedication to skin care products obviously doesn’t stop him from being a manly man.)

Here’s the accident video: