Brad and Angie Spread the Wealth

Saturday, Nov 28, 2009

While you were paying thanks to your loved ones yesterday, many charities were thankful to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Over the course of the last year, the superstar couple gave a total of $6.4 million in donations to various organizations – which doubles the amount they gave in the preceding year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter blog Showbiz 411, the recipients of the Jolie-Pitt Foundation’s handouts included Global Health (which received $2 million), Human Rights Watch (which received $1 million), and Brad’s own Make it Right Foundation (which got $1 million).

Brad and Angie are famous for calling attention to various causes and needy people around the world, but it turns out they also put their money where their mouths are. To boot, the couple didn’t have any sketchy loopholes in their foundation. Operating expenses for the Jolie-Pitt organization totaled just under $225,000, which is peanuts compared to other foundations, which often pay out their staff and sundry expenses in many times that amount.