Fury Behind Scenes Video

Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015

Fury is out on Blu-Ray/DVD Today and here is a behind scenes video from the extras:

2 Comments on “Fury Behind Scenes Video”

  1. Dear Brad Pitt,

    I wish you success in all the movies you make! I think you had managed very good roles in the movies I had seen like in Benjamin Button, or Rendevous with Joe Black my favourite! Thanks from a Fan.

    With best wishes and regards,

  2. Fury is much better than American Sniper. Your acting the screenplay are tight and consice. I was taken back when our sniper calls home to his wife so melancholy Hollywood. You made tank warfare feel dangerous and unpredictable when the other 3 tanks were destroyed. Your portrayal is better than Private Ryan and Equal in emotional intensity to Platoon. Great acting Brad you are a exceptional actor in your craft. Just pick the right parts! Paul Grynick

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