The First Reviews for “Ad Astra” are Here!

Friday, Aug 30, 2019

As mentioned previously, Brad Pitt’s latest film Ad Astra had its world premiere yesterday at the Venice Film Festival. The reviews have started to come in – and Pitt is getting great reviews for his role as astronaut Roy McBride! Ad Astra itself is having an overall positive reaction as well, with some critics giving it glowing reviews. I have included some tidbits below, with links to the complete reviews. Brad is having one helluva 2019!

“Best of all, following his fine work in Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood, Pitt is on sensational form with the most mature, resonant performance of his career. Could it be time for his first acting Oscar?” (Full review at GamesRadar)

“In his own quiet way, Roy’s as much a parody of masculinity as Tyler Durden; the perfect hero for a movie that’s less tormented by the vastness of space than it by the smallness of man. Pitt understands the part in his bones, and delivers a performance that weaponizes passivity into a lethal form of self-defense. The actor is a vacuum unto himself, and he wears the kind of empty and contented expression that would make Tyler Durden want to punch him in his perfect face.” (Full review at IndieWire)

“In terms of the acting, it’s pretty much a one-man show, as Pitt is in virtually every shot of the film. The man is on a serious roll at the moment, here repurposing the mellow charm of his Cliff Booth in Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood to mask wells of intense sadness just waiting to burst forth. The question of whether Pitt will be pitted against Pitt at the 2020 Oscars is not at all a stupid one.” (Full review at Little White Lies)

“Pitt embodies McBride with a series of deft gestures and a minimum of fuss. His performance is so understated it hardly looks like acting at all.” (Full review at The Guardian)

“Pitt does a great job of smuggling a sense of boyish hurt under that carapace of coolness. The scars left by his father’s absence are more vivid than he realises and the final third of the movie is all the more moving for it. His brief scenes with Ruth Negga’s functionary on Mars, another victim of his dad’s scientific zealotry, carry real emotional charge.” (Full review at TimeOut)

“Roy tackles more than his fair share of physical challenges — swimming an underground Martian lake, Mad Max-ing his way across the dark side of the Moon, scaling a colossal monument to optimism called the International Space Antenna — yet this is a portrayal that draws its power from stillness and close-ups. Pitt is working the minor keys to sublime effect, just as he does in his exquisitely wry, career-best turn in Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood.” (Full review at The Hollywood Reporter)

“At heart, it’s a short story set in space, decorated with major FX (the double rings of the evanescent blue Neptune are its most memorable image), held together by Pitt’s stalwart presence. This actor rarely makes a false move, and the fact he’s now having a moment — the well-deserved “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood” Oscar buzz — could help “Ad Astra” at the box office.” (Full review at Variety)

“Co-starring Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland and John Ortiz among others, the ensemble cast is strong, but “Ad Astra” is mostly a one-man show for Pitt and his performance is dutifully unshowy but still affecting.” (Full review at The Playlist)