Box Office: ”Ad Astra” Debuts to $19.2 Million

Sunday, Sep 22, 2019

Even though Brad Pitt isn’t a fan of judging movies by its opening weekend – ”I’m looking at the film: Does it have anything to say in 10 years or 20 years? Could it still have legs? Could it still be around? History is rife with films that we love today that were abysmal ‘bombs’ on their opening weekend” – we will still report on how they debut out of public interest. So how did Ad Astra do?

In a surprise upset, Downton Abbey won the crowded weekend box office race with a better-than-expected $31 million from 3,079 theaters. Pitt’s Ad Astra did manage to edge past Stallone’s Rambo: Last Blood with an estimated $19.2 million from 3,460 locations. Last Blood took in $19 million from 3,618 cinemas, the widest count of the three new films. It’s possible the order could change when final weekend numbers are tallied Monday. (Heading into the weekend, many were betting on Rambo to win.)

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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