Is Marvel Eyeing Brad Pitt for Villain Role?

Saturday, Oct 12, 2019

Rumor alert! According to several sources, Marvel is very interested in casting Brad Pitt for a key villain role in the MCU. It’s unclear which character it is exactly, but three contenders the sources have mentioned are Annihilus, Kang the Conqueror and Doctor Doom. This doesn’t – at all – mean that he will end up playing one of these roles, or any in the MCU for that matter. But he is, however, someone that the studio’s interested in working with. But then again, which filmmaker isn’t!

Would you like to see Brad Pitt joining the MCU? And if so, in what role?

2 Comments on “Is Marvel Eyeing Brad Pitt for Villain Role?”

  1. I think Brad would be amazing as any villain OR superhero. Adding his name to the picture is sure to boost ticket sales. His intense ability to sedulously stay “in-character” without over-acting, his assiduous aptitude for personalizing a role, and of course, his infectious smile keep us all coming to see him by the droves! Whenever he decides to end his acting career, the industry will be at a loss with the desuetude of his presence. I am personally tremendously excited about his recent claims of faith and look forward to seeing how this affects his acting and influence in the entertainment industry. I’ve always been a fan of his acting, but now I have a deep respect for him as a spiritual person. How I’d love to be able to talk with him! So there you go-he’s got my vote!

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