Brad Pitt in W Magazine’s Best Performances Issue

Saturday, Jan 4, 2020

And the new content just keeps on coming! Brad Pitt is currently one of the stars featured on a cover of W Magazine’s Best Performances issue! I have added the cover and a few pictures from the editorial to our gallery, with the interview being featured below. Go to to see the rest of the actors on their list.

Brad Pitt
Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood and Ad Astra

The first time I read Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, I was summoned by the wild and wonderful Quentin Tarantino to his house. We went out on his back porch and there was a pretty clean script, and I read it. Several weeks later, I was called back to the house, and that same script was dog-eared, coffee stained, and spaghetti sauced. So many people had been through it. Quentin was on the search to find two guys who would match up well.

Do you have a karaoke song?
No. I sing very badly. Animals flee. I can start stampedes. As a kid, I had the rock star fantasy, but I couldn’t sing or play any instruments, so I had to go to the next best thing.

Where was your first kiss?
Her name was Lisa. It was in her garage. Fourth grade. She was one street over, and I ran home afterward. I was pretty excited—the anticipation was a bit nerve-wracking. A few kids were already in on it.

Did you always want to be an actor?
I wanted to be Evel Knievel or Muhammad Ali. On Wide World of Sports, I saw this ski jumper who wiped out in horrible defeat. I had my sights on something like that. Yeah—it looked cool. That was it for me.

Did you go to your prom?
I went to two proms! I wore a white tuxedo. Pinned on the corsage. And I danced. I had a 20-year hiatus where I didn’t dance at all, and now I kind of see dance as my future. I know I’ll be throwing arms out of joint and dislocating things, but yeah, I feel like I’ve got the green light in my soul to explore dance. I don’t know what that means yet, but I’m feeling moved by the spirit.

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