Brad Pitt W Magazine Interview Video

Thursday, Jan 9, 2020

For his interview in M Magazine’s Best Performances issue, Brad Pitt sits down with Lynn Hirschberg to reflect on his early days as an extra, when he was still struggling to get a Screen Actor’s Guild card. Hoping to sneak in a speaking part during a scene in which he was asked to silently pour champagne, he decided to improvise—and it almost got him kicked off the set. Pitt also talks about his first kiss, attending two different proms in high school, and how he related to his character in Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood from the first time he read the script at director Quentin Tarantino’s home.

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  1. This was so nice to see you down to earth having a good time talking about your youth. So love you love the part about the dancing and you get addicted to crushes so cute. You are very passionate and have a great sense of humor love you so much forever and always. kim

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